Time Heals All

8d0c5d8bd64b656981865b67056ce243--breakup-strength-quotes-marriage-breakup-quotesGetting over a break up is hard. People often ask me how I got over my relationship and how I have remained so strong through it all. Of course I have certain circumstances different than most of my friends….cheating, dumped, baby. I depended so much on my boyfriend, we planned our future together and about to were have a baby. The relationship for the last two years of five was toxic, it wasn’t healthy at all. Eventually it lead to him being unfaithful, abusive, and to breaking up.

Being pregnant and dumped was hard, even harder entering motherhood alone. It took until my son was born and a good 6 months’ post baby to get over my ex and to learn how to love myself again. My son gave me the strength I needed.  I think my hitting point was when I had a complete mental breakdown at 3am in my friend’s kitchen. That is when I realised I wasn’t ok and had to make a change.

A month after my son was born I gave myself an entire makeover and turned to working out. I needed to do something for me, something to give me confidence and to get out all the frustration. I told myself I didn’t need guy to be happy, that I could be successful without a guy. I didn’t need him. As time went by it got easy. I met guys, went on dates, had a few “almost relationships” (tell you about that another time).  Three years later I don’t think about the breakup or him. When someone asks about it the thought of it can be a little upsetting, but it’s not because I’m not over it or still care. It was a huge moment and struggle in my life, it ultimately evolved me into the women I am today.

Dating today is hard, and eventually ill fall in love again and it will be great. But for now, I am happy and proud of myself and my little family of just Blu and I. My advise, don’t stress it, focus on yourself, things will eventually come into place.

Its true what they say time heals all.




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