Pizza, The Greatest Food Created


Can we all just agree that pizza is winning in the food game and is the solution to all things right now?

Aside from a LARGE glass of Merlot, pizza is my weakness. I could literally eat a whole XL to myself. I have always loved pizza, any kind of pizza, my favorite being Neapolitan style from Pizza 21st Century.  In the last year, I’ve noticed this major trend with the obsession of pizza, you see it and hear about it everywhere, especially within millennial females. Myself included. I am actually typing this all out as I eat a slice of pineapple feta pizza from A Little Pizza Heaven.


Another woman who shares the love for pizza is WPG Pizza Princess , also known as Chelsea Allen. In 2014 Chelsea started an Instagram account, which had first started out as a blog, where she features post from different pizza shops in Winnipeg and ranks them.

Of course, being a pizza lover I began to follow her page and wondered why anywhere she went or anyone she met knew her as ‘the pizza princess’. I asked her if her love for pizza came post her struggles or prior, “I wouldn’t say I necessarily have always loved it as much as I do now, but I’ve always ranked it pretty high on my favorite foods…Pizza became my safe food and since then it has always been my favourite.”

In 2008, like a lot of young women, Chelsea began to struggle a lot with weight and body image issue. A year later she was medically diagnosed with an eating disorder and for the few years following she struggled with her relationship with food. Now, Chelsea has managed to take control of her eating disorder, which lead to her creating the Instagram page, “I guess the Instagram started because I had finally found a food that I actually loved eating again.”

Eating disorders are the most common mental illness amongst young women. According to a survey done by the Government of Canada, about 1.5% of Canadian women ages 14-24 have suffered from an eating disorder. There are three main eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating. An eating disorder is not only about how you see, or your relationship with food but its also on how you feel about yourself and body.


Today you can’t log into social media sites or walk in to a store without seeing pizza pictures, clothing, memorabilia or memes everywhere, and more specifically having a correlation with females. Although, Chelsea does not necessarily believe the pizza craze is specific to females, but people in general, she shares her thoughts on this recent trend with me, “The internet is the answer. Seriously people just become obsessed with trends on social media now a days and like to be involved. Just so happens this trend tastes good too so the obsession is real…”Thanks to social media and this new trend, pizza sales and consumption have increased immensely.


After all this talk around pizza I had to know of all the pizza Chelsea has tried where the best pizza she has ever tasted was from, “Chicago had amazing deep dish pizza. Deep dish is honestly on another level, there are so many toppings and so much cheese. I could only eat one slice at a time!” For those of you who don’t know about this famous Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza, like its name, it is essentially an upside-down pizza baked in a round, relatively deep baking pan with a thicker crust and stuffing, allowing for more sauce, cheese and ingredients.

So now after reading this if you are craving a slice of some amazing pizza, here is a list of Chelsea’s top 6 pizza spots to eat at in Winnipeg. Go check them out, and make sure to follow her personal Instagram @itsschelsea as well as @wpgpizzprincess to see some awesome pizza photography and keep up to date to where she orders from next!


1. Vera Pizza – “can’t wait to check out Super Deluxe  their new restaurant!”
2. Pizziera Gusto
3. Pizza Land
4. Presto Pizza 
5. Pizza Hotline – “for when I order late night, thin crust only!”
6. DJays Restaurant 




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