Meeting with mentor David Bell – Dash Agency

After having to take time off school, it took me almost two years after my sons birth to decide what I was going to study, whether it be to finish the degree I had previously started, or go into a new field of study. I decided I was going to pursue my dream and study Public Relations. Before enrolling back into school and the new program I first did my research on local careers in the industry. The agency that caught my interest is Dash Agency.


I have been lucky enough to meet, and interview David Bell (one of the founders and president of Dash Agency), on two occasions. David has been named in the Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Under-30 list, and is on the board for Calgary’s Ad Rodeo Association, and Manitoba’s Advertising & Marketing Association. Dash has done some incredible work with clients that include The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, EPH Apparel, Aveda Canada, and Variety Manitoba.


In high school David had started a YouTube channel, which eventually led him to having millions of followers. This lead him to learning all about subscribers, and how to create content, how to market, and engage it. He eventually wanted to turn this into building clients, and to generate more revenue. One thing he wishes he knew before going into his career is that when seeking clients, one needs to know how to set expectations on what you believe your results will be, whether it be good or bad. That it is also important to focus on culture, and emulate those you look up to.


David, including all my professors have told me the most crucial advice when it comes to PR and getting your name out there is by networking, and building relationships with your clients. Because PR is a very social career it is important how well you’re engaged, what content you produce, and how big your following is. Being optimistic is the number one thing, because in this business if something goes wrong it is important to be able to handle the situation every single time, while always having a smile on your face.

He also shared that when he is looking into hiring new candidates he looks at a person’s portfolio, and if they have any freelance work. This helps you stand out from others, it is important to know how to pitch to new clients and how to persuade and contact the media. Depending on where you’re working you need to focus on culture, and emulate those you look up to, and study what other agencies and people are doing in bigger cities across the world.

It is great that an agency I look up to, and aspire to work for takes the time in their busy schedule to meet with students like me. Although meeting with him I got a little nervous and lost, he still made the entire experience comfortable, and easy.

If any of you aspire to work for any agency or company and want to get a little more info or feedback, I strongly suggested speaking to someone in the field, you’d be surprised how willing and eager they are to help you.



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