My Fitness Journey


Being a busy, single mom while studying full time can make it hard to always find the time to work out. At the end of the school day I am tired, hungr and usually have an assignment or studying to do. However, I know that when I take the time and pride in my health and fitness, that it has a more positive impact on my daily life.

Finding My Motivation 

Growing up I never had the problem with being obese, but I was never happy with my body. I labeled myself as “skinny fat”, that’s when you have a small build, don’t weigh much, have zero muscle, and a high body fat percentage. Before my son was born I didn’t really care as much about my eating habits, or making time for the gym. Although, I still thought I was eating healthy (I really wasn’t) and I was going to the gym a few times a week (or month), I was limiting myself to strictly cardio and ab workouts. I had no knowledge about living, and maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Before I became pregnant I always pictured how I would handle my pregnancy with the cravings and weight gain. I always said I would measure and track my food in order not to gain too much weight. That didn’t happen, I gained about 20lbs. Throughout my entire pregnancy I was going through a very bad breakup with my then boyfriend, my sons father. I had become very depressed and stressed with my life. Once my son was born I turned to health and fitness. I was determined to get out of my slump, and turn that into my motivation. I was ready to do something for myself, and to show my ex what he was missing out.

Getting Started 

Since I was new and inexperienced, I hired a trainer and good friend of mine Rj Padua, from NLT (No Limit Training). I have him to thank for teaching me all there is to know, for pushing me and motivating me. I also was able to teach myself on how to diet, and other workouts with the help of Instagram and the internet. Once I began working again I unfortunately wasn’t able to make the time to work out with NLT.  I had to plan my days and meals in advance, and work a schedule out with my mom, in order to maintain the new lifestyle. Thanks to the internet and Instagram, I was able to teach myself further on fitness and venture off on my own.

It has now been two full years since I began my fitness journey, and it doesn’t stop here. Being healthy and fit has allowed me to become a much happier, confident woman, it has truly helped me in all aspects of my life. Yes, it is costly and time consuming but don’t think of it as taking time away from your family, think of it as giving back to them with a more energetic, vibrant, and healthy you.




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