I Am A Single Mom


My Story 

I am a single mom. It took me awhile to say that with confidence. I always had the idea that to be a real family you needed two parents, or that you had to get married first, boy was I wrong. I don’t have the best opinion of men, and don’t take the experiences I share as daddy bashing, its far from it. I am just a women that is real and raw, who is not ashamed of being a single mother.

I have a two year old son named Blu, he is my happiness, as well as the reason behind this strong, independent, confident women. In such a short period of time I have come to grow and learn so much with parenting and in myself. Things I never imagined possible. I have made some amazing new relationships, as well as improved my life and the way I think, and see the world. However, I am still fairly new at this, I still have my share of battles.


Being a single mom is the hardest thing I have ever done. Trying to have a social life ontop of being a parent, and a full time student is possible but it’s not easy. Parenting alone can be overwhelming. Without a partner it can be very isolating. Some days are rough, at times I feel alone and can become frustrated.

It is so important to have a support group of family and friends. I grew up having a single mom. I watched her struggle emotionally and financially. She worked her butt off to make sure my brother and I always had a place to sleep and food to eat. She has been the most supportive person since my pregnancy, and help with raising my son. We might not always get along but I appreciate her for never giving up on me and inspiring me to be my best.

Although I haven’t always embraced raising a child alone, I completely adore my son, and love being his mom. Watching him grow into this incredible little man reminds me that it is more than the smelly diapers and endless crying. As I continue on with motherhood and all its challenges, it is important to remember we are all HUMAN, we have all faced our demons. Mistakes will be made when raising a child and its ok. I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know why fate turned me down this path but it has been one remarkable journey.

My Goal

I know I am not the first and I won’t be the last but I want to share my story and my bit of wisdom as a young single mother to help empower other young moms. We all need connection, encouragement, and the realization that others have been where you are. I believe that all single moms have the power within, to create a life they are proud of and love.

So let’s talk, let’s connect,  and let’s support each other!

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